Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hi I'm Tess.... and I'm 7 months old now!!!

I'm a gun dog so I like to go hunting around the garden smelling everything - and boy, is there a 
lot to smell!  And, yes, I just love rolling in the tall grass too!  

My breed is from Malta, an island in the Mediterranean.  It is known as "Tal-Kacca" and was originally introduced in early 1700 as a cross with other European Pointers. Unfortunately now we are slowly approaching extinction due to uncontrolled inter-breeding with other dogs. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Just realised that it has been close to 2 years since i last posted anything on this blog.  Is that a good thing or a bad one?  So many things have happened to me in that period of time... My family is now settled and both my children are married....  so it is quiet at home with the wife. I also turned 66,  I retired from work but am busier than ever! I started administering and facilitating a weekly website called "The Word on Sunday" which has also made its pressures on me, and on my time.

But there's "trouble" on the horizon as Tess joins me at home in about 4 weeks time...hehe..... oh, Tess is the Pointer pup in the pic here with my daughter Jacki.  The other two pics are of Tess' family, mum Spiz and her 8 siblings (can you call them that?). It was pile up time for lunch when I too these pics.  Think Tess is going to be a very spoilt pet but more of that when she arrives.

God bless you all.


The Last Word?

Make yourself at home here, come back and read some of the older cappuccino posts too, relax, reflect.... and comment if you wish....there's a comment button at the end of each post!
I hope to see you again in a few days time. Enjoy.